Dog Training

From beginner to competitor, all ages welcome                                                    Whether you just want a well behaved pet or a highly trained dog for competition, the German Shepherd Dog  Club of Wales has qualified and experienced trainers ready to help you achieve your goal.


Training is a wonderful way to further develop the natural bond between you and your dog. A trained dog is a contented, well - balanced and happy dog.


 We offer a 6 week course for puppies of all breeds up to 12 months of age plus, subject to availbility, the opertunity  to further your training on a 'come as you please' basis once the puppy course has been completed - please email us for more details.

You will need .....

Please ensure that you bring your vaccination certificate on the first evening of the course as we are unable to accept dogs that are not fully up to date with their vaccinations.


You will also need the following:

A soft collar - not check chain

A long lead - not chain, this will be uncomfortable for you (we sell good quality training leads and collars at the Club)

Titbits - (it's better not to feed your pup before you come to class so they take the treats more readily) make these as interesting as you can - small pieces of cheese, liver (chop raw liver and dry it out either in the oven or in the microwave), hot dog sausages - chopped into small pieces or sliced cooked sausages.  

Where to find us .....